Roger Ruzzier

I'm here to crack the whip and help motivate you to get fit, drop fat and be healthier.

My peak performance programs online are for people who are tired of failing. It's for those who want the knowledge to transform their body and improve on their health, fitness, nutritional habits and most the importantly psychology.

After losing 35kg myself and being in the industry for over 10 years, having coached 100's of people in the past, I understand what peoples general psychological triggers are. I'm dedicated to help changing your body and life with tools and strategies that other ordinary Personal Fitness Training services fail with.

Straight from the start, you will focus on three things - health, fitness and lifestyle rather than just "Weight loss" or "losing weight", this will get you ahead of the game straight away.

What I want you to understand...

  • It's not going to be easy, but I'm here to provide you with true accountability.
  • It can be simple and effective through easy and healthy eating techniques to transform your body for life.
  • Fitness training plans don't have to be complicated or long winded to get you lean, strong, fit and fast.
  • Mindset training leads any changes in eating or exercise to truely create amazing life long changing habits.
  • I want you to stop die(t)ing, start exercising and begin living!

Yes it's about motivation, but it's more so about empowering you to become your very own health and fitness "guru". So that you know how to get the best from yourself for life.

Hi, my name is Roger,

Before I started to live and actually love a healthier more active lifestyle I was actually very unfit. In fact during my late high school years and university I became quite overweight. In my first year of university when I was only 18 years old I weighed in at 110kg and that was 35 kilograms overweight for me.

After reaching a point of frustration with my weight I decided that enough was enough. Within 3 years I worked my butt off (the slow way) and by my 21st birthday (2002) I managed to hit my goal weight of 75kg.


For the 3 years later I was still very into my health and fitness, all whilst being in the IT industry sitting behind a desk, from 1999 - 2005. I purchased heaps of books and studied multiple courses to better understand the body, however with no intention of actually entering the industry.

So, I can actually relate to most people wanting to transform their bodies. I understand what it's like to have been so overweight, and it felt terrible. Trying everything, learn more and more and sometimes not getting any results.

But it's because of that experience as a young adult, and now having changed the lives of others for over 10 years, that I have the strategies to help you hit your health and fitness goals this time around.

You know all those years ago, the strategies I used back then to lose weight where really slow. If I had of known then what I know now, my tact would have been much different. Hence I can provide you with the training, mindset and eating variables that work fast and provide permanent results.

During a mid 20's career crisis, I wanted to try something new. Since I was into my health and fitness I entered the industry first as a receptionist at a London based gym. That was good, but soon after I began working as a Fitness Instructor there back in 2006. This gave me the opportunity to work along side some of the best master trainers in the world and attain skills that have helped numerous people achieve their fitness goals.

Having created hundreds of exercise programs for clients has provided me with a wealth of experience in motivating and progressing people to achieve their goals. A background in Life Coaching has also helped my clients get the psychological advantage they needed to push past their mental barriers.

In 2010, I returned home and resumed Personal Training in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne where I created RRfit (which stood for Real Results Fitness at the time). Once again I've had the opportunity to work with some of best people in the Personal Training industry, who I will be forever grateful for those mentors.

My objective back then was too impact my clients lives via absolute professionalism, care and support which I saw was lacking in the industry. Check out just some of my client testimonials for evidence of the changes and results people are getting.

My objective hasn't changed to this day.

With much success, in 2011 I become a Personal Training Manager at one of the largest gym chain in Australia. I helped to develop the businesses of over 50 Personal Trainers and delivered multiple health, nutrition and fitness presentations for groups and corporations.

As well as organise over ten transformation challenges for members and clients. Together with organise multiple fitness events for their benefit and for charity.

I've completed and helped my clients complete in events they never thought possible, including Tough Mudder, plenty of 5/10km fun run, Stadium stomp, 15km Run for Kids, 21km Run Melbourne and 260km Round the Bay in Day bike rides. Seeing clients cross the line, was probably the most rewarding of things to witness.

Now in my mid 30's, my latest fitness venture is competitive Kettlebell sport. I've competed multiple times, achieving a 1st Place in Biathlon at the first Arnold Classic in Melbourne, Australia. Then going on to becoming Australian Long Cycle Champion at the 2015 Nationals Championships, and a 5th Place representing Australia at 2015 Kettlebell Sport World Championships in Ireland. I've become a partner of Tough Love Kettlebells certification courses for Personal Trainers and Kettlebell sport enthusiasts. Quite frankly I just love what Kettlebells can do for my clients overall fitness levels. They can be used from beginners to advanced from all ages and provide body toning and fat loss in less time than conventional methods of training. Plus it's more fun.

One of the proudest moments in my journey.


  • Certificate in Life Coaching (London, UK)
  • Diploma in Personal Coaching (London, UK)
  • Certificate II/III in Fitness Instructing (London, UK)
  • Certificate IV in Personal Training (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Metabolic Precision Level 1 in Nutrition
  • Metabolic Precision Level 2 Body Transformation Specialist
  • Certificate in Group Training
  • Boxing Level 1 & 2
  • Kettlebells Level 1 & 2
  • IKSFA Level 1 Kettlebell Sports Coach
  • Trigger Point Therapist

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